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A story of passion

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Meet Wendy

In 2003 I found myself working at a physical job that was not fulfilling my creative needs and potential. While in college I attended an environmental biology class that stirred something inside me. I became excited by all that our bountiful earth had to offer us. Inspired by nature and healing, I've since been pursuing the healing powers of our earth. I discovered that I very much enjoyed helping others. If anyone dear to me was suffering I would search endlessly for what, out there on this beautiful earth, could help. From that moment on I have not stopped. I am constantly learning of the benefits of herbs, roots, stones, fruits and oils. And, my favorite part of all, concocting new and unique formulas to bring peace, calm and rejuvenating relief. Join me and the Lily Petals team, a small batch boutique. Our handmade soaps use naturally sourced, cultivated and or foraged ingredients whenever possible. Welcome, come in and find your own connection to this earth.

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