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A blend of salts and oils make your soak ethereal. Perfect to aid in relaxation and meditation. The magnesium these salts contain help to relax the muscles, Magnesium is found in the earth, sea, plants animals and humans. As your bath salts desolve they release magnesium and sulfates. Though the results of studies showing bath salts relieve a number of ailments, are anecdotal many people report, relief from muscle pain, from migraines and also help with relaxation as a result of using bath salts in their bath. With a blend of Sweet Orange,  Clove Lemongrass and Lavender, the experience will elevate and inspire. The refill is 14 oz and can fill the origianl Soak an Sooth Bath Salts jar two times.

Soak and Sooth Bath Salts Refill

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Soak and Sooth Refil
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